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International Atomic Energy Agency supported an industrial irradiator in Romania in the frame of a Technical Co-operation Project started in 1993. The facility was designed as multipurpose one and placed in close proximity of Bucharest (3 million people, 40% of hospital capacity of the country) with road and rail connection, at 15 km of the most important Romanian airport.

IAEA financed the main part of the facility, 100 kCi Co-60 source, safety systems, personnel training and expertise.

Romanian Government by Minister of Research financed the design, building construction, operation infrastructure and laboratories.

IFIN HH contributed with the land, utilities and specialized services - technical, quality assurance, safety etc.

The main design company was CITON Bucharest - with long experience in civil and nuclear branch.

The antrepreneur was HIDROCONSTRUCTIA S.A. Bucharest.

The whole work was constantly supervised by CNCAN - Romanian nuclear regulatory body.

In August 1994, IAEA selected the irradiator manufacturer - Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd. Budapest.
In September 1995 Romanian Government approved the necessary funds.
The building erection started in 1996.
Installation and commissioning finished in 2000.

From 2001 IRASM facility is operating.

From 2002 the microbiological laboratory is in function.